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Dental seal

All the hard tooth tissue that is damaged with caries or tooth decay is removed. We then prepare and fill the tooth with a dental filling.

There are two types of fillings, direct and indirect ones.

Direct dental fillings are completed in our Dental Studio. This means that we perform all stages of the treatment: the removal of damaged tissue, filling and final bonding. Depending on the size of removed tissue, the fillings can have one, two or three faces. As always, we only use top quality materials for all the fillings.

Indirect dental fillings are made in the dental lab by the pre-made dental impression of the prepared tooth. In our Dental Studio, we remove the damaged tissue, prepare the tooth and make an imprint. Then a dental technician fabricates the filling that we bond to the tooth (using dental cement).

Indirect fillings on side teeth are called inlay or onlay. Those placed on the visible teeth are called veneers. The materials used also for these procedures are of very good quality.

Direct fillings can be made with the following materials:


Amalgam is a hard and long-lasting material which has been used for more than 150 years. It bonds well with the tooth. It is an alloy of mercury and other metals (silver, copper, zinc).

Its weakness are:

  • poor aesthetics
  • mercury slowly entering the body


Composites are materials made from an artificial mass. The colour of the material can be adapted to the colour of the teeth. Their advantages are that they look beautiful and are stable. Moreover, they can withstand chewing forces well which is one of the most important characteristic of this material. We use it on visible tooth faces. They last from four to six years.

Glassionomer cements

Glassionomer cements are special mineral cements with an opaque texture. However, they cannot withstand biting and chewing forces well. We use them for temporary fillings and for the fillings for children’s teeth.

In addition the the mentioned ones, we also make other types of indirect fillings, like

Gold Inlay

Gold Inlay has excellent qualities: it can withstand biting forces very well and it lasts long. It demands a very precise fabrication.

Composite Inlay

Composite Inlay is the same colour as the teeth and it is resistant.

Porcelain Inlay

The porcelain Inlay is also the same colour as the teeth and it has a high aesthetic quality. Porcelain Inlay requires a precise handling and careful putting into place according to the bite.


Ceramics is the best material for veneers production. It is used to cover front teeth and it looks fantastic.

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