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Dental crowns

Crowns are fixed teeth replacements that give a natural look of the teeth with their shape, function and colour. In the Dental Studio Matanič, we produce the following types of fixed prosthodontics:

Full metal crowns

The whole crowns are cast from a noble alloy of silver and palladium or an alloy of gold and platinum. The colour of the metal alloys is a disadvantage by the modern standards of today’s cosmetic dentistry. On the other hand, the advantage is their resistance as medical studies showed that patients have had long-lasting positive experience with them.

Facet dental crowns

The core of a facet dental crown is cast from noble dental alloys. On the front visible part of the tooth there is a facet (a thin ceramic slice) in the natural colour of the tooth. The drawback of facet crowns is that the metal colour can be seen so these crowns do not meet the high aesthetic standards of modern cosmetic dentistry. However, they function very well.

Metal and porcelain dental crowns

The crown core is cast from stellite dental alloy (alloy of cobalt and chrome with or without nickel) or of an alloy of gold and platinum.

The complete metal core is melted with dental porcelain thus resulting in a beautiful appearance. The clinical studies show that the core made from an alloy of gold and platinum is suitable and resistant. There are hardly any allergic reactions.

Full ceramic crowns

Full ceramic dental crowns are made from a high quality ceramics. The core is designed with a new CAD-AM technique. It is made from alluminium oxide ceramics or zircon oxide ceramics in the natural colour of teeth. These are very aesthetic crowns.