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Patient Advices

After a tooth extraction you should follow these instructions:

  1. The first day after the extraction use a cold compress on the face where the tooth was extracted to reduce the swelling.
  2. For at least 48 hours avoid smoking, touching the place where the tooth was extracted with your hands, tongue or a straw when drinking.
  3. For the next few days you should rinse your mouth gently with a saline solution or a mouth wash with chlorhexidine (antiseptic). The wound will heal better and faster.
  4. Clean your teeth carefully. Be gentle and careful around the spot where the tooth was extracted.
  5. In case of pain take an analgetic of the following kind: Lekadol, Nalgesin (NOT Aspirine!).
  6. Avoid any physical activity or strain for at least three days after the extraction.